Lowe and Fletcher electronic and digital cabinet locks

3700 digital combination lock

The Gemini 3700 digital combination lock is a small, easy to use electronic lock that is available in either digital or mechanical form.

Both versions share the same profile and fixing template, giving maximum flexibility and choice at the point of installation.

This innovative lock range is available in both flush and surface mount form and in a choice of standard or custom colours.

The small footprint and option of vertical or horizontal orientation make Gemini the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

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3780 digital combination lock

The digital combination lock (DCL) 3780 is an easy to use and versatile locking system that eliminates the need for keys. Available with a range of standard and optional features (see Details below), this lock is designed to suit almost any environment or application.3786 RFID lock

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3786 RFID lock

Pulsar RFID digital combination lock 3786 provides contactless RFID locking in a slim and attractive footprint.

Utilising the high strength benefits of the synthetic material Grivory, Pulsar can be used independently or paired with existing wireless systems. Simple to upgrade existing installations and compatible with most wireless standards including RFID and NFC, this lock comes with a wide range of accessories and options.

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3792 electronic latch lock

An electronic latch lock 3792 supplied complete with striker. The latch lock is fitted to the interior of the furniture and can be integrated with existing systems or used as a standalone system.

With an easy push-to-lock action, the latch simply requires an electronic pulse (pulled to ground) to lock and unlock the unit. An internal sensor provides feedback on whether the door is closed.

When coupled with a suitable operating system, the latch lock can be locked and un-locked using a keypad, RFID card, fingerprint recognition and many other user ID methods.

This makes it ideal for use on applications such as lockers, postal and delivery access systems, asset management systems and other enclosures.

The lock comes complete with a striker, but requires a cable for operation – please see ‘Accessories’ below. 

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3950 Horizon Digital Lock

The Horizon digital lock is a slimline, small footprint lock with an ultra modern look and feel. Easy to install and simple to operate, the lock is available in Public, Private or Remote Allocation operating modes as standard.

The pop-out handle offers additional security and the coloured indicator ring shows at a glance if the lock is in use or available. The lock also comes with a unique mechanical override key that permits managerial access in the event of an emergency.

Typical applications include lockers, cabinets, delivery boxes and general enclosures.

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3781 Wet Area Digital Combination Lock

The wet area digital combination lock 3781 is IP54 rated with water resistant features that have redefined the standards for function and protection in wet areas. Suitable for use in wet and chlorinated environments, this lock is compatible with the RAS remote allocation system making it ideal for locker and storage areas in swimming pools, gyms, health centres or spas.

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37800/2382 Digital Combination Slamlock

The digital combination slamlock 37800 has the same design and features as the standard 3780 digital combination lock, but with a ‘slam’ action camlock. This means the door will automatically lock when closed or slammed shut.

Compatible with the RAS remote allocation system, typical applications for this lock include EnclosuresLockers and Postal.

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RAS Remote Allocation System

The Remote Allocation Sys­tem (RAS) works with our range of digital combination locks and enables you to remotely manage all of the locks in your storage area without the need to go to site. Remote management is via a simple web based system which can be accessed from any location with the usual range of desk based and hand held devices. If you are managing multiple installations, all of these are controlled from this one convenient website.

Once online, you are able to see at a glance which locks are currently available and allocate these to new users. The rental period can be for an individual user or a group of users and can even be set to unlock automatically. All of this at a push of a button.

This system is ideal for applications such as music festivals, hot desking, locker rental and personal storage as the system manager has the ability to assign a new code to a single lock or all of the locks at once from any location. This eliminates the need for users to carry keys and reduces running costs by removing the need for service calls to change lock codes locally. Installation is simple with no hard wiring or additional power or infrastructure required to run and manage the system.

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