Digiovi Controller

Digiovi PACS – Digitaldoor

Digiovi Access control system is a modern, independent solution of time & place. It can be used from a PC, a tablet or a smart phone without the need for any local software installations. Digiovi access control is an extensive solution where access control is implemented as a service. Service includes IDcontrol Oy’s own in-house designed terminals and access control software with 24/7 usage availability. A bespoke South African server is located in Johannesburg and a customer terminal is connected to the server via the Internet.

Digiovi PACS is patented in South Africa patent number 2016/03725

Terminals do not need a constant on-line server connection. They can be offline for an extensive period of time. The centralised server model enables fast and invisible upgrades to the access control solution. This ensures the client has the latest version of Digiovi solution at all times.

Credentials utilised can take any form. An access card, a key fob, a wristband or any kind of RFID credential as well as a NFC equipped smartphone. Digiovi access control enables you simultaneous control and management of multiple locations – wherever you are – whenever you wish. Digiovi access control includes comprehensive reports, which can be easily exported to PDF or EXCEL spreadsheets.

System security has been developed, tested and secured by an official third party auditor. Servers are controlled constantly with third party protection software.

Digiovi is a PACS from Finland which is developed by IDcontrol Oy. https://digiovi.fi/digiovi-in-english/